89% of customers expect their purchased Christmas tree to be baled in netting. Our industry leading balers endure years of use through extreme climates and conditions.

The Kirk baler features:
  • A heavy gauge all steel frame
  • A polyethylene funnel that is durable and lightweight
  • A slick finish that minimizes friction allowing trees to slide through quickly and easily
  • A hinged flap to ease loading of netting
  • No risk guarantee
Additionally, Kirk balers are colored to indicate funnel size. This allows you or your employees to quickly identify the size of netting needed for your baler.
Available Balers
  • 18" Table Top Hand Baler; item# 225306-16; color purple; weight 35 lbs. (not shown)
  • 20" Table Top Hand Baler; item# 225309-16; color blue; weight 35 lbs.
  • 23" Table Top Hand Baler; item# 225321-16; color red; weight 35 lbs.
  • 26" Table Top Hand Baler; item# 225322-16; color green; weight 40 lbs.
Advantages to Baling Trees:
  • Simplifies customer handling
  • Makes for quick & easy loading
  • Secures branches during transport – reducing possible damage
  • Increases Lot Security – Only trees wrapped in netting leave your yard
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