Kirk Company is Breaking Down Barriers

A Christmas tree doesn't need to be artificial in order to join the world of new technology!

Kirk Company, a leading Christmas products wholesaler, is once again jumping into new markets with both feet! This year, they are introducing two market strategies that connect to today's technological savvy consumer. First is Kirk's Elf Tree™ Christmas tree complete with a family fun interactive website ( Second is a Quick Response Code with direct web access to interesting tree information and easy care instructions.

The Elf Tree™ is a three foot (approx.) tree that has been grown to resemble a full sized Christmas tree. It comes with a specially fitted water bowl and a tag that directs the consumer to our Kirk Elf Land website at Distributed across the U.S. and into Canada and Panama; Elf Tree™ will be available this Christmas season at national chain stores.

Geared towards families, the Kirk Elf Land site has a fun aspect for all ages. The consumer can enter their code to discover which elf grew their tree and all visitors can enjoy games, a story introduction to the Elf characters and the Elf Tree™ farm, an educational piece on Christmas trees farming industry, and fun facts with links to consumer interest videos.

With each large tree purchase, consumers can use their smart phone to scan a QR code printed on the Kirk tree tag. The code connects consumers to a web page where they can easily click through tree description, a shopping checklist, care instructions, videos, and fun facts with a link to the Kirk Elf Tree™ website.